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What We Do


We can provide services with support and guidance to develop their workforce, maximise effectiveness and improve access to evidence-based psychological practices and therapies.

We can support you with:

  • Consultancy to support service planning, development and implementation
  • Staff development
  • Operational guidance
  • Leadership development
  • Developing accessible, outcome-led services and pathways
  • Valuing and developing expert by experience involvement
  • Guidance, advice and coaching

Research, Evaluation and Analytics

Cedar Create facilitates support for the commercialisation, implementation, and evaluation of training and novel therapeutic approaches that have been developed by Cedar staff, or in collaboration with research partners.

We deliver and contribute to excellent clinical research by developing a research environment that is nationally and internationally competitive.

We contribute to the impact of research, workforce initiatives and training programmes by supporting and evaluating the delivery and implementation of psychological treatments, evidence-based training, practice and policy.

We can support you with:

  • Evaluating the delivery and implementation of psychological treatments
  • Evaluating the delivery and implementation of evidence-based training and new workforce roles
  • Using outcomes and data to improve patient care and service effectiveness
  • Facilitating and understanding the impact of research

Training Enhancement (CPD)

We support professional development for businesses and individuals through flexible and bespoke training packages, including:

  • Training in health care leadership and service improvement to develop the workforce and support organisational growth.
  • Continuing Professional Development
  • Masterclasses for organisations, teams or individuals
  • Short courses and micro-credentials
  • Bespoke training tailored to your service requirements