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University of Exeter receives CATE award for its Grand Challenges

University of Exeter receives CATE award for its Grand Challenges


Published on 9 October 2023

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The University of Exeter was recently awarded a CATE award for its Grand Challenges scheme. Re-forming each year, the University of Exeter’s Grand Challenges team of professional services, academic leads, postgraduate teaching assistants and student interns work collaboratively to deliver an annual week-long programme. The team brings together people with complementary expertise, knowledge and skills, and are agile, adapting quickly to changing resourcing levels, partnership possibilities and student interest.

Winners of the Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence (CATE) celebrated in style at the 2023 higher education awards ceremony in Birmingham on 28 September.

More than 200 winners and guests were treated at The Library on a night that recognises their outstanding contribution to excellent teaching and inspiring colleagues in higher education.

The Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence  recognises and rewards collaborative work that has had a demonstrable impact on teaching and learning and highlights the key role of teamwork in UK higher education. Fifteen teams were awarded in 2023.

We are really proud that our Grand Challenges initiative was recognised as part of the awards. Professor Paul Farrand, Professor Catherine Gallop, Professor Jonathan Parker, Professor Hannah Sherbersky and Dr Alex Boyd led the mental health workstream. This year, the mental health workstream focused on how to improve young people’s (including University students) understanding of mental health problems and to address any barriers to accessing support they may face.

There were four key enquiry groups:

You can read more and get involved by following this link.

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