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New research engagement – INVOLVERA

New research engagement – INVOLVERA


Published on 13 November 2023

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Guided behavioural activation-based self-help (INVOLVERA) for people with dementia and depression supported by informal caregivers: feasibility study and superiority randomized controlled trial (INVOLVERA).

As co-applicant, Professor Paul Farrand has recently been successful in being awarded research funding for a grant awarded by the Swedish Research Council. The Principal Investigator is Dr Joanne Woodford from Uppsala University, with other co-applicants from Jönköping and Högskolan Universities.

Building on an initial framework of research led from Cedar, University of Exeter (PROMOTE; Farrand et al., 2017), the overall purpose of INVOLVERA is to improve access to psychological support for people with dementia and depression through a novel behavioural activation self-help program alongside people with dementia, their relatives, health and social care professionals, and non-profit organisations. A novel aspect of INVOLVERA is that the person with dementia works with the program with the support of a relative. Trained healthcare professionals guide the person with dementia and their relatives through the program. The current round of funding is to examine the extent to which INVOLVERA can reduce depression and have a positive impact on wellbeing in people with dementia and their relatives.