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Cedar experts publish new book on Low-Intensity Practice

Cedar experts publish new book on Low-Intensity Practice


Published on 25 September 2023

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We are excited to announce that Catherine Gallop (Cedar), Robert Kidney (Cedar) and Peter Fonagy (NHS England) were lead authors on the 'Low-Intensity Practice with Children, Young People and Families' book recently published by SAGE.

This publication draws on the experience, knowledge and passion of over 30 professionals from around the UK and beyond. You can purchase the book online here.

The ‘Low-Intensity Practice with Children, Young People and Families’ is the essential “how to guide” for low-intensity mental health trainees, practitioners and service supervisors who support children and young people with mild-moderate anxiety, depression and behavioural difficulties.

It provides a manual for practice covering assessment, decision-making and key interventions, with step-by-step guidance, case vignettes and accompanying worksheets to support each evidence-based intervention. It also offers guidance on key service implementation principles, supervision and adaptations to practice.

It is an ideal resource for those in low-intensity training, practitioner or leadership roles, looking to develop competency in the low-intensity cognitive behavioural clinical method.

For further resources, please visit the Cedar website at cedar.exeter.ac.uk/resources/cyp